The Elmore Jam


Prepare to enter a Diner’s Wonderland: arrive to the sound of Elmore James on the 1960s juke box, getting to know who you’ll be sat next to with a cocktail on us.
The smells coming from one of our talented chef’s unique menus will be tantalizing your taste buds, drifting into dinner by the sound waves of a three-piece jazz band. Feast your eyes, ears and mouth as you soak up the ambience created by you,
the supper clubbers.


All about the food. All about the jam.


The Elmore Jam's resident father (Nick) & daughter (Ro) team have backgrounds in show production and design, as well as hospitality. Being the entertainment officer has always come easily to Nick and he loves hosting people in his home, a truly unique space with an open kitchen. Their focus is on getting delicious food prepared by a rotation of professional, exciting chefs to your plate whilst you enjoy socialising to a backdrop of live musicians–all the ingredients for a good night.

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by The Elmore Jam

Join the table for a Live Jazz Adventure at The Elmore Jam with a four-course
seasonal menu and a delicious cocktail on arrival - BYOB!

After 6 months and over 40 successful evenings, 698B are... Read more



Twitter: @TheElmoreJam


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