Anges de Sucre


Anges de Sucre - French for ‘Sugar Angels, pronounced ‘Onj-duh-Sue-k’ (optional: to fake a fabulous faux-French accent add a light coughing sound at the end)...or just ‘Anges’ for ease and familiarity.

 Anges de Sucre is an award-winning cake shop on Holland Street in the heart of Kensington serving cake and a range of treats like Macaroons, Marshmallows and Muffles, founded by Kuwait-born Londoner Reshmi Bennett, who followed her dreams to train in classical French cuisine in Paris at École Grégoire Ferrandi.

Combining classic French cuisine techniques with flavours from around the world, Anges de Sucre offers a selection  of amazing cakes, jewel-like marshmallows and macaroons, alongside their own sweet-inventions such as Muffles (marshmallow-truffle hybrid) and Tremendous Teacakes

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