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Thank you very much for your interest in FAIR WINES, which provides bespoke services around French wines. Our passion is to promote quality in French wines, whether artisan-produced or Grands Crus, at fair prices. We do so with our uniquely recognised professional expertise, knowledge and special access.


For corporates, we combine fair value and quality Grands Crus or Champagnes through unique professional wine tasting events, where we combine wines with music, arts, science, etc. to create an intelligent and delightful experience for all the guests. These are extremely well suited for client entertainment, for which we can offer various formats and bespoke evenings. 


For wine lovers, we enjoy sourcing artisan wine producers whose quality is undervalued by a lack of proper distribution channels. These are good to great wines at great value. We work only with the wines we love, embodying demanding quality standards we believe in. We are advising, promoting and distributing them, mostly to the wholesale market and to our network of individual clients.


For wine collectors, we offer attractive sourcing and advisory services for cellar management. We can see value in old and prestigious French Grand Crus trading in French wine auctions, which we deliver by leveraging on our knowledge of the wines and their vintages, their ageing potential and the very prices at which to bid and not to bid. Our access to French auctions is unparalleled and as such FAIR WINES is the expert-platform to access and enjoy magnificent fine wines at fair prices.



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