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The Fragaria Project is a food project that is in sync with the heartbeat of British nature in a sustainable and ethical way.

A permanent resident eatery at FARM:shop in Dalston will take place 3 times a month in order to showcase the natural produce available at that time through brewing, fermenting, drying and salting, modern and traditional cooking methods. 

The Food:

The food that is created is a natural balance between the past and the present. The aim is to re-invent old methods alongside modern touches in order to showcase foods at their peak whilst maintaining a strong and intense but balanced flavour. Food will be comprised of 100% British ingredients sourced from a variety of background, be it foraged, our own allotment, or passionate organic producers.


Fragaria hopes to educate and present the diverse ingredients that the British Isles have to offer. As a country we rely far too heavily on imported foods when we have many similar products right under our noses. Fragaria will aim to shine a new light on what it really tastes like to eat Seasonal British Food.

Chris and Ben will introduce each dish whilst explaining the backgrounds to the thoughts behind each creation and also where each element has come from. Any questions about the food will be happily answered by the Fragaria team.

The Guys:

'Kit' Griffett & 'Benji' Warren

Chris and Ben first met at the Birmingham College of Food where they both studied for more than 4 years and during the time after uni they both went separate ways and cooked in some of the best kitchens in the country. Since then, they have both gained a great deal of experience with curing, fermented and brewing from some of the best mentors across Great Britain. After both working together, in a joint head chef position, they created a very interesting style of food based around strong, full flavours and using our countries seasons to the best of its ability. 10 years on since meeting they have come up with the concept of Fragaria and they hope to push their food limits as far as they can to give the guest a unforgettable and educational experience.

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by Fragaria Project

Come and celebrate our launch night of the Fragaria Project @ FARM:shop!

We brew, we ferment, we dry, we pickle and we are super excited to get the
ball rolling and to start cooking some great food... Read more




Twitter: @fragariaproject


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