Operation Cook Design


 My name , is  Karla  I am a trained chef , and have been for some time my food venture is about creating themed dinner party events for people in the comfort of their own homes,I would come in and help them cook and and plan the event for them...I also  provide a service where I make low calorie cakes and cupcakes as well.I am doing this because for a long time I wanted to start something for myself but did not know how but after taking a big step I decided to do it .I am also doing this as well to help build my brand ...I am still fairly new and really need to get my name out there as well.I  am also doing this because I am passionate about food as well as baking too.Starting something for myself has always been my dream and I am glad I am finally doing it..

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Website: operationcookdesigncom.wordpress.com

Email: hanah282000@yahoo.co.uk

Twitter: @bakingcupcake


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