Bang Curry


At Bang Curry, we unlock the secrets to Bangladeshi cooking and teach how easy it is to cook flavoursome and nutritious meals.

Shelly has a deep understanding of the diverse recipes, staples and origin of spices from the Bangladeshi region. This has stemmed from her natural ability of cooking authentic Bangladeshi foods and a desire to share this culinary skill. The classes started early in 2013 and have rapidly grown ever since. They are highly rated and a fun experience learning how to cook amazing food.

You can join in with the cooking and take ownership of a dish or sit back with a glass of wine preferring to soak it all in. On the night you will be supplied with a recipe booklet, an apron to wear but the best thing is, we get to eat what we make at the end!


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by Bang Curry

Are you Hungry??

We all know that street food is in! Who doesn't like the crispness and
succulent flavour of a freshly made pakora drizzled in a well accompanied
chutney and what about the infamous... Read more

by Bang Curry

The classic Bangladeshi pakora is a beautiful thing. Bangla pakoras are
typically vegetarian spiced scrumptiously for a simple but addictive starter.
Served with a yogurt based tamarind sauce- this... Read more




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