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The people behind the business are Marlon and Lana - Colombian and Polish who feel their best in London.

Expert in sous vide, and a passionate chef for over 15 years - Marlon draws from his experience in South American, Mediterranean and British cuisines, to whip up his own - Colombian fusion. 

What started as a supper club hosted at home, organically developed into a range of alternative foodie services. There´s artisan market and street food, private fine dining and gourmet catering, sous vide cookery classes and culinary consulting. 

It´s all about the experience, so whatever the job, the team works to make every detail bespoke, and you - happy.

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by Marlon´s Kitchen

It´s time for Tapas! We´ve prepared a Tribute to the classics of contemporary
Spanish cuisine, and also threw in a couple of our own ideas. Join us to see
how it blends together, and whether we do... Read more




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What I saw. What I heard.: The Supper Club.

14 Mar 16 by What I saw. What I heard.

Marlon's Kitchen - MarchaVale

14 Mar 16 by MarchaVale

Tremendous Tapas

Rating: 10

chris wilson attended Tribute to the Tapas in March 2016, reviewed on 21 March 2016

A delightful idea and an amazing night. Have been a fan of Marlon's Kitchen from the first time we banged on the door in Fulham way back in 2014. The warmest welcome by the fantastic Lana compliments the magic made by Marlon in the Kitchen. Its like watching a well rehearsed tango as they prepare to knock you over with culinary delights, and knock us over they did, right from the first tasty morsel of entree, right through to the "real" Colombian coffee. I definitely recommend Marlons Kitchen events, always an amazing array of people with a common goal, to enjoy amazing food, wine and dining experience, of which Lana and Marlon deliver in bucketfuls

Authentic Spanish Cuisine at Affordabe Prices!

Rating: 9

rob attended Tribute to the Tapas in March 2016, reviewed on 18 March 2016

I've been to many events over the years hosted by Marlon's Kitchen - the food is always AMAZING and I never fail to enjoy myself. Highly recommended!

Amazing food, amazing atmosphere

Rating: 10

hdj92 attended Tribute to the Tapas in March 2016, reviewed on 18 March 2016

I never miss an event from Marlon's Kitchen as always promises to be a fantastic night to remember. They never fail to amaze me with their food because they either they provide something new that I never experienced before or transform something standard using Marlon's skills and imagination. Their events are always enjoyable with a fantastic atmosphere so I definitely recommend this to all!!!