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We are a social enterprise that brings you homemade food freshly prepared by unemployed and underemployed women, who have mastered cooking authentic, ethnic cuisines by cooking for their families.


- Over 1.12 million women in the UK are unemployed, the highest this figure has been in recent years
- Unemployment is particularly high in women from ethnic minority backgrounds.
- We provide flexible paid employment opportunities and support to build upon their skills and confidence.


Stage 1
We work with community groups, women’s organisations and job centres to reach out to women who can benefit from this opportunity. These are women who have no formal qualifications, language barriers and lack confidence, which holds them back from getting entry-level jobs.

Stage 2
We know they’re amazing cooks but they will need the necessary certification to work in a professional environment. So we provide fully-subsidised training and support for the women to obtain a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Stage 3
To make the transition from home to professional kitchen as easy as possible, an experienced chef will guide them through this process and help them harness their skills in order to work in a commercial kitchen.

Stage 4
Now they’re fully equipped, oozing with confidence and raring to go, we provide these super-talented women with employment. This is the part where you get to eat delicious, authentic homemade food and meet the women who made it.


- Authentic, ethnic dishes made by women who have been cooking for years.
- Sharing recipes that have been passed down for generations.
- A cultural exchange through a unique culinary experience.

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Great night great food great project

Rating: 10 attended Holy Cow! in August 2013, reviewed on 7 August 2013

We had a thoroughly enjoyable night with so many highlights Starting with excellent and innovative cocktails that was followed by Nelsons great M'Cing and introducing us to Mummys Cooking and the project he has initiated..Great to see chef Asma bring her prowess and talent and impart these to two new proteges The Prawn Malai and Lemon rice left us having fourth helpings as well as the fabulous Alu Dum and Chicken Kebab starters..The unique experience of eating from a banana leaf was super and was fun to eat communally we made 5 great new friends

Cant wait till the next Darjeeling Express event!

A wonderfully thought out idea, perfectly executed.

Rating: 10

lpg501 attended Holy Cow! in August 2013, reviewed on 7 August 2013

The team at Mummy's Cooking were very welcoming and made everyone feel very comfortable, taking the time to greet everyone and talk to them individually.

The idea behind Mummy's Cooking is excellent, providing the team in the kitchen with a great commercial opportunity, and also for us to sample their fantastic cooking.

From the second we walked in and got a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma, we knew we were in for a treat. And the food didn't disappoint, it was absolutely splendid, and enjoyed with fantastic company in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting on the event, we will definitely be visiting again, and recommending this to friends and family.