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My name is Tiffany and I am the one woman band behind Pop Box Kitchen!

I was born in Taiwan, raised in California and have been living in London for the last 10 years.

By day I make Taiwanese biandangs served in the traditional 'Taiwanese railway biandang' wooden lunch box and deliver them to offices in selected North London areas. 

By night I test out recipes for my supper club and feed my family and the neighbors with an abundance of leftovers. 

I cook and serve what I love/loved to eat, as a child, as a student, as a wife and now as a mom.

I won't say my food is the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine because I've had influences from the West as much as the East but I cook with my heart and I am always chasing that familiar smell from my mom's kitchen and then add my own twist. 

That's me in a nut shell and I hope to see you soon!

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by Pop Box Kitchen

Welcome to my Taiwanese 'Bān-Doh' in my North London home!

Bān-Doh literally translates to 'set up a table'. It is an old fashion
Taiwanese banquet style that can be traced back to the seventeenth... Read more


Email: info@popboxkitchen.com

Twitter: @popboxkitchen


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Taiwanese Banquet

Rating: 10

Jop attended Taiwanese 'Bān-Doh' (Banquet) in June 2016, reviewed on 30 June 2016

This was my first experience of a supper club hosted in someone's home. Needless to say, i was worried that I was crashing someone's dinner party but risks need to be taken in the name of food! And boy did it pay off!! Tiffany is a charming and welcoming host and shared some of the memories that inspired the night's menu. The food was divine (I still dream about it) and I will definitely attend a future event!! Nom nom nom!!

Pop Box Kitchen responded on 8 July 2016:

Thanks Jop! It was a pleasure hosting you in my home! I look forward to seeing you in the future!


I can't wait to go again!

Rating: 10

Karen attended Taiwanese 'Bān-Doh' (Banquet) in June 2016, reviewed on 28 June 2016

What a wonderful supper club, well hosted with amazing food which was perfectly presented along with a lovely story behind each dish. Delicious meal, every course was immediately my next favourite right down to the last course finished with tea! I shall be booking again!


Rating: 10

jman attended Taiwanese 'Bān-Doh' (Banquet) in May 2016, reviewed on 22 May 2016

Tiffany is a fabulous cook and a charming host. This was home cooking of the best sort - fried chicken, morning glory, braised pork, eel sticky rice, drunken chicken, salmon head soup and more - and plentiful too (even for someone like me!). All washed down with copious quantities of wine, beer, whisky and other light beverages which the guests happened to bring. A small group of friends (both old and new ones on the night). This is exactly the supper club experience which can't be found in any restaurant for love or money. I would love to go back again - when's the next one ?