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I cook dishes which have been inspired by my british Indian upbringing.  I feel I know these flavours well and can criticise my cooking well to make improvements for my audience.  

Tea is a big part of Indian culture and is usually one of the first things that is offered when you visit/pass through a relative or friends house.  It has been a big part of my life, whether I’ve been drinking, serving or making it.  All my dishes would be something which would be complimented by a cup of chai, ranging from simple biscuits to indulgent Indian tea-time snacks.

My menu would introduce a range of flavours, from some of my traditional favourites to some of my own creations.  I personally love to try everything when I'm out, so I've tried to create a menu which simplifies and street food snacks and presents them more like tapas than a entire meal. 

I would hope to introduce a range of different menus, but initially a 'Thali' and 'Brunch' where my audience could experience a range of flavours and textures in mouthfuls.

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by Chai and Spice

I will be serving a selection of my very own traditional favourites as well as
some of my own twists on Indian classics from a Thali Menu

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