AVEQIA is an exciting concept brought to London from Sweden, that enables you to strengthen relationships and build key partnerships through ACTIVE COOKING. AVEQIA provides guests the chance to cook alongside one another with the guidance of esteemed chefs who are on hand to ensure that guests enjoy the ultimate team building experience. 
The Scandinavian inspired concept is designed to stimulate interactivity and networking, providing guests with a distinct opportunity to collaborate and cooperate whilst enjoying an exceptional fine dining experience in a luxurious yet relaxed environment. 

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Why shop around for Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? With our exciting
baking session on Saturday 12th of April, we will help you to create beautiful
hampers filled with biscuits, chocolate eggs... Read more


Website: www.aveqia.co.uk

Email: info@aveqia.co.uk

Facebook: Facebook page

Twitter: @AveqiaLondon


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