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The traditional Calcutta style Dum Biryani is my most treasured recipe, the recipe has been handed down to me by family cooks who cooked at all our family weddings. The Biryani has always been the centre piece of every celebratory meal in my family. The accompaniments to the Biryani are Hyderabadi dishes. Shikampuri Kabab is a delicate mutton kabab stuffed with a thin layer of yogurt. The dessert is also from Hyderabad- stewed hunza apricots served with cream. The starters are all from Eastern India- Bengal and Bihar.



*Bihari Dal Phulki (Lentil fritters made in Ramadan)

*Puchkas (pani puri)

*Keema ka Samosa  VEG OPTION Aloo Mattar ka Samosa (samosas stuffed with potatoes and peas with green chilli chutney

*Aubergine fritters 


*Lamb Dum Biryani (delicately spiced Biryani cooked using the Persian dum method and aged Basmati Rice) VEG OPTION Vegetable Pallau (a delicately spiced Pallau spiced with mace and nutmeg)

*Mutton Shikampuri Kebab (minced meat patties stuffed with hung yogurt) VEG OPTION Karai Paneer

*Lachedar Paratha (griddle fried layered flat bread cooked on a tawa)

*Beetroot Raita


*Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salaan (usually served with Hyderabadi Biryani we serve this dish with Calcutta style Biryani)

*Tamatar ka Cutt (slow cooked spicy tomato base served with boiled eggs)


*Khoobani ka Meetha (stewed hunza apricots)

*Darjeeling Tea

This is not a BYOB event. Alcohol can be purchased from the bar.

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Rating: 10

Krishma attended in October 2016, reviewed on 13 October 2016

One of the best experiences of Indian food outside of the subcontinent and great exposure to different regional food, that I have not had before, aside of the puchkas, which transported me back to a street stall in the bustling streets of Kolkata. Every dish was flawless and seasoned to perfection. Dietary requirements were met to an exceptionally high standard and you didn't miss out. The day after and I'm still dreaming about khoobani ka meetha dessert. Asma was a wonderful host and talked about the food with such passion that you could taste the love in her food. The atmosphere was perfect in an intimate setting with the right amount of diners, you could converse with everyone at your table and see their reactions to the food. If you don't try the offerings of the Darjeeling Express you are really missing out. Honestly, ditch that reservation and await the next supperclub.

Darjeeling Express responded on 14 October 2016:

Thank You! I am so glad you enjoyed the dinner and I look forward to feeding you again!


Rating: 10

rassa attended in October 2016, reviewed on 2 October 2016

Asma surpasses herself effortlessly. Each time I have the privilege to eat her food, I discover new flavours and aromas. Her food is DIVINE!

Darjeeling Express responded on 14 October 2016:

Thank you!

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