My twittername is @Innovativebaker but my alter ego is Asianfoodstalker. I write recipes and bake for pleasure but work as a timber industry marketeer by day.

Together with @CheapEatsBlog, we make up the team behind Budaya Kusina Supperclub. The mash between Filipino and Malaysian, we aim to please with the intermingling flavours of South East Asia with a not so typical pairing.

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by Donnowhat2cook

Retaining its ultra hip and fantastic collaboration of Filipino and Malaysian cuisine fused at the hip, Budaya Kusina is having its second outing at an even bigger scale and more food!!!

Budaya... Read more

Sunday Feasts

by Donnowhat2cook

Budaya Kusina (Kitchen Culture) is a Malaysian-Filipino supperclub started by foodbloggers Lyn @Innovativebaker of and Barry @CheapEatsBlog of... Read more




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Angel In This Dress: Budaya Kusina

16 Aug 12 by Angel In This Dress

Thank you!

Rating: 10

cellardoorsd attended 9 Sep: Filipino & Malaysian by Budaya Kusina in September 2012, reviewed on 10 September 2012

Sunday Feasts

After just flying in less than 24 hours prior, this was such a treat! Thank you so much for squeezing us in at the last minute. It was worth every penny and more. The food was incredible and so comforting. My favorite was the pancake with curry and Gary's was the pork belly and/or Tapioca cake. I loved spending time with the other guests and a few hosts after the meal. Anytime you are in San Diego, look us up!

X's and O's,

Logan & Gary
Cellar Door

Malaysia, Truly Asia ... Phillipines, you too!

Rating: 10

Monsieur Bambou attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 28 August 2012

There is no restaurant in London (and probably few in Malaysia for that matter) that can make some of this stuff. Truly authentic, one of a kind, dishes that get prepared on rare occasions straight out of home kitchens, made with love and devotion.

Even more impressed that some of the ingredients, such as ginger torch flower, were shipped in especially for the occasion. Some of the utensils and techniques used to prepare this food are also highly original. You'll be hard pressed to find this much attention to detail anywhere else.

Sublime Malaysian flavours, seamlessly fused with Phillipino dishes in an unexpected twist which really works - much like our hosts Lyn and Barry who entertained and educated us through the night. Their love for what they do comes across in an instant. Definitely a unique, unmissable and spellbinding experience.

Donnowhat2cook responded on 29 August 2012:

Hello Monsieur Bamboo!

Wow! You make us wanna sing!!!!!!!! Thank you for such raving reviews! We shall aspire to do even better!


Rating: 8

@hushhushdining attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 24 August 2012

Really loved the atmosphere and the food was fab! Hosts were very friendly and very attentive.
The only thing we would say is that it would have been nice to have been greeted with a drink drink instead of cold tea and also would have liked wine coolers on the table to keep our wine chilled, especially as it was a really hot day when we went.
Having said that, we would definitely go again and recommend it as it was a great experience!

Donnowhat2cook responded on 28 August 2012:

Hi Debbie! Thanks for reviewing us :-)

Just a quick note and maybe we should have pointed it out, but most South East Asian countries don't have a cocktail nor alcohol to its name due to the main religion etc. And what we have for alcohol is non-obtainable in this part of the world as it is illegal for export :-(

We will definitely learn from the experience and see what we can do for future supperclubs! See you soon!

Newbie to London and the supper club scene.

Rating: 8 attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 21 August 2012

When I arrived at the venue I didnt know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted with an iced tea refreshment and then shown into the dining area where two long tables are arranged in a communal style of dining.

The hosts Lyn, Barry, Hannah and Mark were very attentive and took care of our needs. As I bravely came stag to this event, it was also a great opportunity to meet new friends, and talk about our favourite food that is Malaysian!

The highlights that I loved about the entrees, main and desserts are the sambal ikan bilis, Filipino chicken skewers, roti jala served with the variety of dips, otak otak, the desserts and the teh tarik. Also the little surprise that came in between the entrees and main, was quite memorable and refreshing to have on a hot day!

Overall I really enjoyed the eating and sharing experience and would recommend my friends to come to this supper club. I quite like the idea of going to eat at someone's house and trying different cuisines. Perhaps the supper club movement should expand to Australia, now there's an idea!

Donnowhat2cook responded on 22 August 2012:

Thanks Jeanette! We appreciate your review very much! Come by the next one and we'll make sure everything is so delectable, you'd wouldn't want to leave!

Budaya Cucina Supperclub 1

Rating: 9

Lucy_Angele attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 13 August 2012

Again, this was my first Supperclub experience.

Lyn and Barry are two wonderful hosts. Like Sara said below, they have wonderful chemistry together and they were very attentive to all our needs that evening. When I mentioned my chilli allergy, they very kindly made a couple of supplementary dishes without chilli to accomodate me, for which I am still very grateful.

The food was all beautifully presented and very tasty. The meal itself was excellent value for money - there was definitely no shortage of food! You can read my more in-depth review and view pictures of the evening here:

I had a lovely evening and will definitely be attending more of Lyn and Barry's events in the future!

Donnowhat2cook responded on 13 August 2012:

Thanks Lucy :) You're more than welcome to come again for sure! We enjoyed feeding you!

Budaya Kusina Supperclub - Aug 2012

Rating: 8

gabgab1 attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 8 August 2012

It was my first Supperclub experience, and I thought it was really enjoyable.

The concept is also quite interesting, a group of random people that don't know each other at the same table, tasting some really good food and enjoying the company.

The food was really well presented and (more importantly) tasty, great variety and a mix of 2 different cuisines. Also, food quantities seemed to be unlimited.. which I guess is a plus :D

The only thing I thought it was missing, is that we didn't get to enjoy the presence of the 2 cooks at the table, they are lovely characters and they would have added even more character to an already very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Well done.


Donnowhat2cook responded on 13 August 2012:

Thanks G for coming! And we shall appear more in future supperclubs! Your tummies were more our concern so we figured let our food do the talking!

Budaya Cucina 1

Rating: 10

Sara attended Budaya Kusina No 2 in August 2012, reviewed on 6 August 2012

As a 'supperclub virgin' I wasn't sure what to expect, but the idea of the fusion of Malay and Philipino cuisine appealed to me (having never tried Phillipine food I decided now was better than never.) Overall, a wonderful blending of flavours and two hosts with wonderful chemistry. If asked to pick my favourite dish I'd probably say ALL of them.

Donnowhat2cook responded on 13 August 2012:

Thanks Sara for coming! We're glad you liked it! ~More to come for sure!