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Rocket and Squash is a food blog written by Ed Smith - a lawyer who recently changed tack, retrained as a chef, and has ambitions as a food writer and pop-up event chef and host.

Ed's modern British style of cooking seeks to mix the best of the aesthetics, textures and sourcing ethos of New Nordic cuisine, with the honesty, sensibility and ultimately great tasting food of London institutions like the River Cafe, St John and the Anchor and Hope.

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Supperclub Summit

by Rocket and Squash

Rollin Restaurant and Rocket and Squash are looking forward to putting on two brilliant evenings for the Supperclub Summit on 10 and 11 August.

Rollin Restaurant is a pop-up restaurant from Berlin.... Read more

Supperclub Summit

by Rocket and Squash

Ed from Rocket and Squash will now be cooking for the opening event of the Supperclub Summit.

Ed is a former lawyer who, after spending all his spare time writing a food blog, decided to follow his... Read more




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Rocket and Squash at the Goethe Institute, Exhibition Road

Rating: 10

edward82 attended Aug 1: Rocket and Squash in August 2012, reviewed on 2 August 2012

Supperclub Summit

I greatly enjoyed this inaugural evening of the Supperclub Summit being held in the very pleasant surroundings of the Goethe Institute on Exhibition Road. Ed Smith of was the chef and co-host for the evening, and put on a tremendously fun event and an excellent meal.

Having enjoyed watching some trapeeze artists flying around the front of Imperial College across the road (I don't think this was strictly part of the Supperclub but I may be wrong) we were welcomed in to the Goethe Institute. The dining room is very nice - big windows overlooking the street outside, and it has a calming art gallery type feel to it. I noted an impressive light installation made out of an old blue tree hanging from the ceiling. Before I had time to fully take in my surroundings, however, I was passed a refreshing raspberry and gin cocktail. This topped up nicely the (very) authentically-potent caiparinha I'd had outside while watching said trapeezers. I was accordingly in suitably jolly mood as I mingled with the other guests before the meal (customers doesn't seem quite the right word as the whole evening had much more of a dinner party feel to it than restaurant).

Invited to take our seats at one of three big tables, the meal kicked off with a tasty heritage tomato salad with mozarella and atomised (my word) black olives. This was followed by a very delicious piece of mackerel, then a main course of slow-roasted lamb shoulder with a very moreish ratatouille-type vegetable side. (Note to reader: it almost certainly wasn't ratatouille in the strict sense of the word, but I liked it). The meat was delicious and, happily, there was plenty of it. Dessert was a peach melba, which was exactly as tasty as it sounds. The wine list was very drinkable, very reasonably priced and it was fairly comprehensively drunk; white, red and a dessert wine featured on our table.

After the meal there was more mingling, a peek around the kitchen, and a couple of us stragglers were sent on our way with a taste of a phenomenally powerful tomato foam/crowd dispersal weapon which nearly blew my head off.

Overall, an excellent meal and a very enjoyable evening out in South Kensington.