Jar Kitchen


Jar Kitchen is a modern British restaurant committed to sustainability and stylish yet “down to earth” food on Drury Lane in Covent Garden.


Jar Kitchen is the brainchild of Lucy Brown, 31 and Jenny Quintero, 29 - two friends who left their successful careers to pursue their love of food. Jar Kitchen is the pair’s first venture and they have been involved right from the conception, even carrying out the majority of building work themselves. The personal touch is important to the pair who also work front of house.  


Richard Hards, ex Head Chef of BOB’s Lobster, London’s award-wining pop up restaurant and street food company heads up the kitchen at Jar Kitchen showcasing his wealth of experience with an expertly devised menu. 

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by Jar Kitchen

Here at Jar Kitchen we place a strong trust and belief in our suppliers and
the quality of their ingredients.

This 5 part series aims to showcase who we work with and why they are so
special. Expect... Read more

by Jar Kitchen

### Colombian Street Kitchen founder Esteban is on a mission to pioneer
Colombian food as a mainstream cuisine in the UK. Following a very successful
six-month residency running the restaurant at... Read more


Website: www.jarkitchen.com

Email: hello@jarkitchen.com

Twitter: @JarKitchen


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