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We are two, who are passionate about food. Growing up on Indian and Pakistani food we were saturated with naan breads and curries - the unhealthy way to eat Asian food but created by the most gifted of home cooks!


Since then we have invested our time and energy into what we eat, and always try and eat food that is fresh and vital to power us through our active lives - we are yogis, athletes, a Scientist and a City Worker.  


We believe that the energy drain of modern lives is down to diet and we want to show that both the traditional methods of cooking and using ingredients that are rich in the powers of nature can help lubricate our souls and bodies for the toils of modern city life, which are forgotten today in the hum drum of the high street of Indian restaurants.

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by Fifi's Summer Supperclub

**Funky Indian Urban Cuisine in Old Street. So fresh and tasty it's Jalfrezi! BYOB **

Bringing together eclectic, fun and funky flavours in the form of Indian urban
cuisine ... The art of... Read more




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