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I have been cooking for many years for Asma's Darjeeling Express supperclubs and I want to present the food of my village and my people to Londoners. I grew up in Kurseong in the foothills of the Himalayas. The food in the Darjeeling region is a fusion of Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines. Apart from Momos- not a lot of people know a lot about Nepali home-cooking and I hope my supperclubs will introduce them to a new kind of regional Indian cuisine. 

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by Nepali Supperclub

I was encouraged to cook for the #MyLondonSupperclubs by Asma Khan of
Drajeeling Express who is organising the event. I am excited to cook the food
of my Nepali heritage. Guests coming to this... Read more




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Fabulous food in a beautiful settinb

Rating: 1 attended Nepali Supperclub in July 2016, reviewed on 30 July 2016

The Nepali supperclub was a fab night out Altough I arrived not particularly hungry by the time silken steamed mom dumplings were served one bite of those little beauties and my jaded palate was up and ready for business My big foodie revelations of the night was a wonderfully freesh radish slaw a savoury sweet doughnut that went w mains a fragrant chicken curry and a goat curry that made this not much used meat the star of the show I was going to forego dessert until I made the cardinal sin of taking a bit 4 dessert portions later I waddled home happy and full of the joys of London living We made some great new friends at our table and I hope thos supperclub returns as its time forpeople in London to experience Nepali food plated and cooked correctly and with a very judicous and expert touch No grease no heavy spicing Just subtle and a flavour revelation - Go go go!