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Having spent most of my life outside India and having had a great deal of exposure to multiple cuisines, I have always felt that the Indian food served in restaurants tasted like the real deal but were not always a visual treat. The numerous restaurants serving Indian cuisine also never did justice to the phenomenal culinary variety that exists in India, choosing instead to have only the same and more popular dishes on the menu.

The Gutsy Chutney was born as my humble attempt to right this wrong. I want to promote home favourites that I have grown up with that retain its authentic taste but are presented to suit the modern palette.

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Thanks Deepa for your hard work in making what was such a fun night for us girls!! Innovative presentation, unique 'gutsy' combination of ingredients made for really yummy fusion food. And those 6 courses made for very packed satiated bellies! Super proud my dear!!! Next one please  - Premila, Be Kind Movement ðŸ™ðŸ»ðŸŽ‰ðŸ™ðŸ»-  -  

Fabulous night at the Gutsy Chutney pop up The Grosvenor Arms. Yummy food paired with delicious wines from The French Wine Project. Looking forward to the next one.- Rae Adams, French Wine Project

Had a great evening at the Gutsy Chutney on Saturday. Friendly, fully flexible to my vegetarian partner and great food and drink all round. Will definitely be back - Grant Slessor, guest October 2016

Excellent night at the Gutsy Chutney. Great food with amazing flavours. Will definitely go again - Jayne Rhodes, guest July 2016

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by The Gutsy Chutney

Indian food has always been had with a pint (or two) of chilled beer. But we
think they would go perfectly well with wines as well which is why Gutsy
Chutney has prepared a 5 course meal paired with... Read more

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Spring is here!!..well almost and hopefully soon but at least the sun is out a
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An introduction to regional Indian cuisine served tapas style. The menu is a
selection of small plates, regional Indian food...some of them household
favourites, others my take on traditional dishes.... Read more

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by The Gutsy Chutney

This supperclub is my ode to little known dishes from around South India. A
South Indian by birth, I think its time I gave the delicious healthy and
balanced diet from my hometown its due. A 5 course... Read more

by The Gutsy Chutney

**Enjoy an evening of outstanding Indian Tapas!**

* TIME: FROM 7PM... Read more



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Wonderful evening

Rating: 10

chloechaplin attended Food and wine pairing evening in September 2017, reviewed on 28 September 2017

We had a lovely time after buying tickets to this for my Dad's birthday. The food was tasty and authentic, and the wine pairing was the perfect addition. Cool venue and great hospitality. Would definitely return. Thank you!

Fantastic Food!

Rating: 10

pburnett attended Food and wine pairing evening in June 2017, reviewed on 29 June 2017

We attended the Gutsy Chutney for a team night out in June and had a fabulous time. The venue is lovely, the staff were great but most important the food was exquisite. All the courses had a delicate balance of spice, heat and flavour with the Murgh Makhni naan pie being the star of the show. I couldn’t recommend attending the Gutsy Chutney highly enough!

Excellent evening

Rating: 10 attended Craft beer & Indian tapas in May 2017, reviewed on 11 June 2017

I had a great time at the supperclub, the food was exceptional and a very interesting menu. The dinner had a lovely atmosphere and Deepa was a great host. Can't wait to try the next one!

A carefully Craft-ed experience!!!

Rating: 9 attended Craft beer & Indian tapas in May 2017, reviewed on 29 May 2017

There are times when you wonder why you waited as long to indulge in some thing as pleasurable, surely this was one of those moments... I heard of Deepa 6 months prior to this event and had for some reason abstained from the gastronomical pleasures she conjures up for her guests...

We started with a very cool salad accompanied by the savoury crisp papadam, leaving the palate open to taste the flavours to follow. Idli , a fluffy rice cake, is a widely consumed staple comfort food through the south of India, that rarely makes an appearance on a pan Indian menu in the western hemisphere. Deepa took the friendly neighbourhood Idli, shrunk it to perfect little discs and lent it a texture and flavour (with the famous gun powder and toasted mustard, great combination) that many would have tasted out side of a doting south Indian mothers kitchen..

As with the conductor of a symphony delivering the perfect octave as the tempo takes a notch up, the porter came just in time as Deepa unleashed the delicious fury of the Beef Ularthiyuthu / Potato Varathiyuthu. A dish famous in the state of Kerala with its many adaptations all over the south of India, with toasted coconut chips lending a salty sweet aftertaste to the fiery exterior of the beef/potato left us satisfied but yearning for more of the exquisite flavours.

What came next was truly innovative and worthy of being on the menu of any highly respectable gastro pub. The butter chicken pie i truly believe was the star of the evening for me, a creamy blend of spices and vegetables with small chunks of chicken infused in these flavours, consumed with the crusty savoury pie shell was a very delectable experience. By the time i was done with the pie and 3 to 4 half pints of craft, i was desperately wiggling to make room for the rest of the delicacies to follow, even so much as to empty the contents of my trouser and jacket pockets.

Bunny chow, i knew was South African, but the chef explained to us the origins of the dish, preparing us for her bunny chow version of the Bombay street food classic, Keema Pav.. Spice roasted minced lamb and peas served in a hollowed out bowl made of bread.. I never got to finish this dish and felt extremely guilty of leaving behind such a delicious fare, but it was Deepas generosity that i blame..

Unable to eat any more but part with the dessert, i asked for my Gajar Halwa to be packed so i could take it home. Leaving the company of many fine people seated at our table, i left satisfied not only with the food and the craft, but the generosity of our host and the company of those who dined with us that night.

A few hours later, having gotten home with little recollection of how given the sever food coma that had set in just after we left, the Gajar Halwa made its presence felt in my sub-consious, serving us as a great mid night desert with some vanilla ice cream.

On the whole, a wonderful experience, thank you Deepa and Sumeet Pillai for showing us a great time and crafting an evening of exquisite flavours.

Phenomenal but not for the faint hearted

Rating: 10

surajgohil attended Craft beer & Indian tapas in May 2017, reviewed on 26 May 2017

The entire experience was great, all food had a lovely homely familiarity to it but with an added flair created by Deepa which you simply could not recreate at home. Food was extremely spicy which was great for me and meant that the beer pairing worked a treat, but I can imagine anyone who does not have a tolerance for chilly could end up struggling. That being said Deepa mentioned that she could easily cater to different tastes upon request.

An evening with Indian tapas & craft beer

Rating: 9

Marjan attended Craft beer & Indian tapas in May 2017, reviewed on 22 May 2017

I personally love Indian cuisine but, India is such a big country, so its food could vary alot in terms of taste and spices. Deepa provided a nice selection of food from south of India. She served a nice 6 course meal menu with care and efficiency. The menu itself had a nice selection but, I personally really liked beef ularthiyuthu-very spicy but extremely delicious at the same time. A local beer brewery served a range of beer to compliment the food, so, beer lovers also had nice drinks as well as good food. If you like Indian cuisine, I highly recommend you try Deepa's tapas, you won't be disappointed.

Highly Recommend

Rating: 9

Ajibrin attended Food and wine pairing evening in November 2016, reviewed on 11 January 2017

Food was really good, I liked that it wasn't the usual fare and included some very creative dishes