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The Herb Lab is London‘s first pop-up supper club dedicated to celebrating herbs and sustainable food.

Rocket'n'Roll with London sown'n'grown crops – specially during Urban Food Fortnight. That's when Capital Growth celebrates London grown and made food. What better occasion to get together again for a Herb Lab dining experience and to dig in the richness harvested by London’s growing communities and local farmers, and to discover what thrives wild in our surroundings. 

Enjoy a three course set menu featuring RYO (Roll Your Own) herb wraps inspired by Japanese Temaki rolls. You can design yours to be raw, vegan or vegetarian – the choice is yours, or try them all. 

Personalise your food and drinks around herbs that match your current physical or emotional state. Learn about herbs and what they can do for you, enjoy non-conformist salads and curated wild infusions.

For this evening we're teaming up with Mama Xanadu who will inebriate us with her botanical mixology. Think liquid alchemy tingling your tongue with tantalising tentacles a.k.a. damn good cocktails. Also joining us for this event is Rasheeqa Ahmad, herbalist and plant lover who will be September's herb curator. We’re super happy to have these wonderful women joining us at the tables, to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about herbs and wild foods and show you ways in which they can be easily integrated into your daily diet. 

Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and growers who practice organic or biodynamic farming and ethically conscious traders. We also use wild herbs from nearby woodlands and wetlands to create truly local and memorable dishes. You'll be handed a providence list which informs you where the food comes from that you indulge in and who and what you support with when joining the Herb Lab Supper Clubs. We want you to feel at peace with the food we serve you and know that every bite will do you good. 

Usually we feed herbivores and carnivores equally and love the challenge to make most foodisms feel at home whilst being nice to animals. The Hornbeam Café serves exclusively vegetarian and vegan food and we’re more than happy to respect this. 

"The Herb Lab provides an unforgettable experience for London diners: Sepi and her team will transport your tastebuds out of London and into wild green forests, and you'll leave appreciating the fine flavours of herbs & flowers in a wholly refreshed way. Their knowledge of herbs is extensive and their passion infectious. With beautiful details in aesthetics matching flavour, The Herb Lab's supper club really is a special evening."

"Every meal with The Herb Lab is a surprise. Discovering or re-discovering herbs really gives a whole new spin to eating out, and it's even more incredible if you think that it's also good for you. I have been amazed by the taste of every single plate prepared by The Herb Lab, every dish was an explosion of herbalicious taste, unexpected and delicious."
Valeria, marketing director 

"I am a carnivore. Raised on meat, live on meat, love meat. Last weekend I was privy to two meals served courtesy of the herb lab: Japanese tamagoyaki. Home made wasabi. A cauliflower and date salad with a medley of delicious herbs. A variety of delicious and filling salads with a concoction of green beauties sending tingles of flavour down my gullet and into my belly. As I caught myself stuffing my rotund face with these delicacies I realised to my horror I had been enjoying a meal sans meat. An identity crisis ensued, making me doubt my very existence. Without meat what am I? Does this make me a vegetarian? I don't know the answers to these questions. I do know that I will be going to herb lab again. Damn tasty, pretty educational, all beautiful, and hosted by a fantastic, enchanting and almost ethereal hostess who sends waves of calm and tranquility through my soul. Heartily recommend."
Armin, nutrition & vitamin expert

"I was really surprised when I realised one of the meals was entirely vegan. Most vegan food I had tried before was quite bland and not very interesting. This was awesome! Gearing the entire dinner specifically around herbs gave the whole experience a completely different angle. Something that’s normally used as an accompanying ingredient (at best) all the sudden is the centre of attention."
Annette, founder of Think Footprint

“The food was sumptuous, fragrant and very, very tasty! Unusual combinations of fresh herbs and spices made each dish an experience.“
Silke, horticulturist at Kew Gardens

“Herb Lab Supper Club was a great experience. Not only was the food interesting and delicious, but also taught me a lot about the health benefits of including more herbs in our diets.“
Gemma, designer and illustrator

“Hands-down the most innovative supper club I‘ve been to in a long, long while. Every dish is so carefully crafted and absolutely delicious. Tried many new things. I‘m a big fan of green ice-cream now.“
Paula, founder of Free Range Fashion

“The Herb Lab is a wonderful way to eat, its not just an indulgent meal out but feels truly experimental. There are familiar flavours and completely surprising ones, it's a little adventure that leaves you feeling nourished and refreshed. It's exciting for your senses, makes you try and learn new things, and the delicious, creative cooking feels very good for you; you feel really good the next day."
Tina, designer 

We source 90% of our produce from local farmers and growers who practice organic or biodynamic farming, and Fairtrade Certified products that haven't travelled further than necessary when local produce cannot be sourced. OrganicLea, Growing Communities, Brockmans, Farmdrop, Food for all, to name a few. We also use wild herbs, weeds and edible flowers from woodlands and wetlands as much as the seasons allow. 

The way we cook is informed by what we believe is good and healthy, and the ideas we want to pass on with our food. That means no processed and refined ingredients, good quality salts with high amount of minerals, good quality and fair sourced sweeteners and sugars, raw and unpasteurised where possible, wholemeal grains and very little wheat, meat and dairy. Our animal products come exclusively from organic or biodynamic farming, we use nutritious organic fats and only enough to give great taste, and prepare food as nutrient-friendly as possible.


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