Wild Hungry Mamas

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For 2 nights only, 3 Asian Supperclubs join forces at London's Supperclub Summit to become:

Wild Hungry Mamas!

Mama Lan
For the past few years, Ning Ma and her mum, aka Mama Lan, have been serving lovingly handmade Beijing dumplings and street snacks from their popular supper club and now in their tiny little restaurant in Brixton Village market.

All the dishes from Mama Lan are made from generations old family recipes. The history of Mama Lan’s extends way back to a time just after the cultural revolution in China where Ning's mum and granddad used to run a dumpling and snack stall on the bustling streets of Beijing.

Two Hungry Girls
Two Hungry Girls. One Mission. To bring Creative Chinese Cuisine to London.

From classic recipes to contemporary interpretations, Two Hungry Girls want to arrest your palate with the intoxicating flavours of Straits and Mainland Chinese cuisine. They believe in traditional cooking styles, homemade condiments and service with cheeky smiles.

Whilst always staying true to authentic Chinese flavours, they love using creative license to push your tastebuds.

Wild Serai
Fresh, aromatic and exotic, serai (Malay for lemongrass) is an essential ingredient in South East Asian and Malaysian cooking. Wild Serai is a nostalgic celebration of the very best of Malaysian cooking, with a strong Malay and Nyonya influence.

Wild Serai pick and source the very best ingredients from Malaysia, ranging from Kangkung to the very hard to get, Bintulu Belacan. They focus on ambitious ambitious but good old fashioned slow home cooked Malaysian soul food – just the way their grandmothers used to make it.

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