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by Flammen & Citronen Cook and Bakery School

Ever wanted to make sexy gluten free bread?

We'll show you two different types of bread, which taste delicious and you can freeze too!

I'll show you how to hand make beautiful bread that will make... Read more


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Has Changed Gluten Free Baking Forever

Rating: 10

GlutenFreeGuy attended Gluten Free Bread Class in March 2014, reviewed on 23 March 2014

Attended a gluten free baking class this weekend with Flammen & Citronen and was blown away by the class.

We started off with a mystery (and delicious) two ingredient cake, then moved onto banana bread, french bread and a cobb loaf. The recipes were simple and the real lessons was in developing the confidence to perform the right techniques and get the right texture out of gluten-free ingredients to make the ever tricky bake work.

The french bread was divine and the first instance since going gluten-free two years ago of a gluten free bread tasting like real bread. Must also mention how much fun we had with Jojo, the leader of the class, who brought the energy, joy and passion to gluten-free bread that only a true artisan could muster.

Thank you Jojo and Flammen & Citronen, you are my gluten-free bread heroes.