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Damascus Chef, also known as Abdullah Al Awayed, grew up in a tiny village in North East Syria, in the heart of what archeologists call the Fertile Crescent. He learned his trade in Damascus, fine tuned it in Amman, and started adding twists here in the UK. 

His Friday night popup at @ the Good Hope Cafe on Hither Green Lane, has earned him a small and growing fan base among foodies in South London and beyond.

New projects in the works include acoustic Oud and Naay nights - where you can while away the night to raw live sounds from the Levant. We're also planning a monthly nouveau cuisine night, to complement our otherwise hearty, seasonal organic menu.

Our overall ethos revolves around reviving dwindling rural cooking practices, working with local ingredients to bring new twists to old home cooked recipes for a diverse palate whilst using the best possible ingredients and respecting our immediate environment. 

We understand the importance of organic meat - and use a local organic and halal butcher (mega-hard to find, we know!). Pulses and ancient grains are the bedrock of the vast majority of our recipes, and we hand make everything possible - from drying and grinding our own spices, to hand shelling our pomegranate, squeezing our own lemons, and crushing our own pastes.

Our meze is legendary - with our home strung lebneh being described by various knowledgeable sources as "the best in London". You better come check if that's actually true..





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by Damascus Chef

Damascus Chef descends on the Good Hope Cafe, Hither Green with his hearty,
four-course organic menu every Friday night. Expect a shimmering, shangling,
shindig-slash-soiree - doors open at 6.30 and... Read more

by Damascus Chef

Having built up a solid following of foodies in Hither Green & Lee, Damascus
Chef is debuting his hearty, organic four courser in Zone 2!

From the village hearths of Northern Syria to the shangling... Read more


Website: www.damascuschef.com

Email: chef@damascuschef.com

Facebook: Facebook page

Twitter: @Damascus Chef


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