Squad UK for WorldSkills


The WorldSkills UK Cooking crew include Adam Smith, World Skills Calgary 2009 gold medallist, sous chef at the Ritz and the current Roux Scholar, and Ben Murphy, junior chef at Koffmans and WorldSkills London 2011 gold medalist.

Current Squad UK members members on the team include Andre Rhone, Danny Hoang and Louisa May Matthews. The dessert team includes Alistair Birt, WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Medallion for Excellence Winner, and current Squad UK members Annabelle Wilson and Stephen Smith.

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Supperclub Summit

by Squad UK for WorldSkills

The penultimate night at Supperclub Summit will showcase some of the UK's best emerging cheffing talent. Representatives of Squad UK for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 and former WorldSkills Team UK Medal... Read more


Website: worldskillsuk.apprenticeships.org.uk

Email: editor@rocketandsquash.com

Twitter: @worldskillsuk


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