90° MELT


90° MELT is a sustainable, vegetarian Tapas Style American Grilled Cheese & Comfort Food restaurant concept, operating since 2015 in Shoreditch, East London!

We have a massive passion for simple, but wholesome comfort food. Food that is fresh, handmade, artisanal, local and sustainable. That's why our menu is loaded with Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten-free options!

At 90° MELT, you will find inventive twists to the most popular American comfort dishes, often carefully paired with wine! So why don't you choose us for an inventive twist to American and Fusion comfort foods, and have a great night out dining socially with other food lovers!

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by 90° MELT

90° MELT is all about fresh, handmade and sustainable American Comfort Food,
designed to enjoy and share with others.

The Supperclub is designed to beat the Winter Blues with an exciting,
inventive... Read more


Website: www.90degreemelt.co.uk

Email: info@90degreemelt.co.uk

Twitter: @90degreemelt


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