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Our Flippin Burgers only use beef from the Angus cattle reared in Scotland. Our signature patties only use prime cuts to create a superior experience on the pallet. They are then grilled to perfection and served on a buttery toasted potato house bun. 

Flippin' Cow's Butcher travels weekly to Scotland to collect his Angus grass-fed beef, which he then butcher's and minces in London. The Flippin Butcher also bakes all the burger buns including baked potato, double cream and honey.

We source all produce locally, either from our local allotment owners or our farmers market.


Flippin Cow is a social enterprise, set up to help young individuals gain skills in butchery and bakery.


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by Flippin Cow

Flippin Cow is celebrating National Burger day with our Flippin Brunch.

Guest will receive an Angus grass-fed burger, along with vintage cheddar,
crispy bacon and tomato dill relish all served on... Read more

by Flippin Cow

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Website: flippincow.co.uk

Email: hello@flippincow.co.uk

Twitter: @flippincowUK


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Rating: 10

Rina attended Flippin Brunch in August 2014, reviewed on 27 August 2014

My husband and I signed up last minute (via Explovia) and apparently got the last two tickets. The food was great, was really brilliant, but the people who were running the event really took it over the edge.

Yes, the fresh beef burgers and buttermilk onion rings and even apple pie were all delicious, but we were so impressed by the event and the people who made it happen. Apparently ALL OF THEIR GEAR WAS NICKED the night before, and they still managed to have everything up and running and tasty by the 2pm start date. The chef, the Deptford Brunch Club rep, and the servers were all friendly and attentive. Also, my husband is fussy about drinks with sweetener in them. Because their hand-pressed lemonade has been nicked, Flippin' Cow substituted with Tesco cloudy lemonade. When my husband realised he couldn't drink it and asked the organiser if it would be rude if he went to get himself something else to drink with the (endless) gin, they said no and instead sent a server to run and get it for him -- with an incredibly friendly and accomodating attitude. Really exemplary.

Anyway, after almost three hours of incredible food and bottomless gin pitchers, we stumbled out of the marquee and made our way home. The Flippin' Brunch was fantastic and left every us completely sated.

TL;DR Great food, great people, great skill on show -- would frequent again.