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Ramekins & Wine is more than just dinner. It’s an immersive food and wine experience that teaches, surprises, provokes and entertains - a journey through the world of food and wine as one. You’ll taste various dishes from numerous ramekins and play a game to discover the wines that pair so magnificently.

7 courses, 7 wines, 1 game


We love food and wine, and we love how brilliantly they go together - it's magical when you get it right. So we've created a supper club which highlights these wonderful couplings. We research extensively and with a professional background in wine we're qualified to know what to look for. 

A typical Ramekins & Wine supper consists of 7 food courses, served in 7 ramekins. You'll taste 7 wines alongside while playing a game to discover what it is you're drinking and why it goes so well with your food. We'll provide a bottle of wine per head.


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by Ramekins & Wine

Our event is a 7 course, 7 wine immersive dinner experience. We call it
immersive as we provide a fun, intriguing game for you and your guests to play
while eating and drinking, so your mind is... Read more


Website: www.ramekinsandwine.co.uk

Email: ramekinsandwine@gmail.com

Twitter: @ramekinsandwine


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