Barmouth Kitchen


Barmouth Kitchen is a small independent cafe opened by ten local families to provide our area of Wandsworth with great coffee, a friendly atmosphere and lovely food. We hope that by doing this we are making our neighbourhood a nicer place to live and work. 

Our coffee is by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, who directly source  coffee from farmers ensuring that quality is very high. Coffee is roasted in small batches every day, ensuring that the coffee that you drink is ethical, fresh and delicous.

We offer breakfasts, lunches and kids' meals to eat in or take home. Wherever possible our suppliers are very local – in fact you may well know them!

Our 'back kitchen' is a more private space that usually has kids' toys, but is also a space that you can reserve. It is a great venue to meet whether for business, NCT or for parent/teacher discussions with free wifi, lovely tea and coffee and cakes. Just get in touch and we'll hold the space for you.

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