The Quality Chop House


The Quality Chop House is a Restaurant, Butchers & Food Shop on Farringdon Road just around the corner from Exmouth Market. The restaurant was opened in 1869 and has been 'The Quality Chop House' ever since.  We took it over in 2012, restoring it to its former glory.  We serve predominantly British, locally-sourced and sustained food.  All our meat was sourced whole-carcass from the farm and butchered in the restaurant, all our dishes were made with the best the season had to offer. After a year’s trading, we grabbed the chance to open up a Butchers and Food Shop next door.

We work directly with a handful of farms, small-scale producers in Yorkshire, Galloway, Suffolk, Hereford and Leicestershire.  We butcher all of the animals on-site, and then age them appropriately in our cold room.

This full-carcass approach allows lots of flexibility in terms of cuts. Our head butcher loves to chat about old and new cuts, and to share ideas about what to do with them. 

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