Holly Redman 

Chef, nutritional therapist and chemistry graduate Holly Redman loves experimenting in the kitchen and creating food that is aimed at surprising and delighting diners. She draws on her scientic background and molecular gastronomy techniques to make unsual and creative garnishes that can elevate a dish from tasty to elegant.

Toby Geneen

Head chef at The Great Northern, Toby Geneen has worked at some of the best restaurants in London as well as further afield in France and Melbourne. He loves producing beautiful and creative plates that showcase British produce at its best. With a background in graphic design, Toby has real insight into the rules and artistry that help to make an aesthetically pleasing plate 


Holly And Toby were the chefs behind Pure Taste, which was London's first gluten-free fine dining restaurant. Months of experimentation and menu development has ensured that they're experts in creating amazing free-from food that anyone would enjoy eating


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