PreservaStory celebrates the story of preserved ingredients and global food cultures. 

Instead of “fresh, seasonal and local” we serve “not fresh but aged, not necessarily in season and globally sourced” ingredients to create a menu of surprising tastes.


Preservastory reflects Alexander Grünsteidl’s passion for global food cultures and the inspiration he gets from diverse tastes, the international language of food, shared experiences and lasting memories of smells, textures and tastes.

Since agriculture emerged, surplus from harvests was preserved in different ways to delay the requirement for instant consumption. This allowed ingredients to be cooked when needed. It became possible to transport food to markets which soon formed the nucleus for villages and cities whilst populations started growing. Global trade found its origin in preserved foodstuff satisfying our craving for variety and excitement, leading to the diverse diet we enjoy today.

Depending on the latitude and climate, various methods to preserve food were developed by different cultures around the globe. Incidentally similar techniques were adopted in geographies far apart, and so Eastern European Sauerkraut is fermented similarly to Korean Kimchi. Techniques include drying, smoking, tinning, freezing, jellying, pickling and fermentation.The ageing processes create wide ranging flavours which are typical for many cultures.

Preservastory is starting as a supper club and will become a place where you taste and discover ingredients preserved in traditional and also recently developed innovative techniques. The ingredients featured on the menu are available from the delicatessen store. In time a network of Preservastores will start in places around the world, bringing together and sharing the stories of communities, whilst developing new ways to create sustainable food.  

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by Preservastory

PreservaStory celebrates the story of preserved ingredients and global food
cultures. Instead of "fresh, seasonal and local" We serve "not fresh but aged,
not necessarily in season and globally... Read more




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