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Hi my name is Daniel I am a Spanish chef with 18 years of experience, 6 living in London and 1 with my supper club. I use to work in restaurants of 1 and 2 michelin starts and now I am working as a private chef doing private dinning, canapé parties and events. In London I had the possibility to grow my own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, and to give the chance to my costumers to taste the real flavours of home grown and homemade. The costumers describe my cooking as imaginative and really tasty, how you gonna describe it?

My supper club is the way that I use to express all my creativity always with the most natural ingredients, if it is posible homegrown or picked myself, or organic. A party every 2 months for 30 pounds for 4 courses with the theme will be discussed in our Facebook page, we are more than 200 what are you waiting to join us?


Thanks for your attention,


Daniel Salvador

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by Dani Supper club

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Email: danisupperclub@gmail.com

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Twitter: @danicocinitas


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