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"Little Kolkata's supper clubs are about celebrating the true spirit of Calcutta and its culinary delights," says Prabir. 

This supper club Machli (Hindi for fish) offers some of the most renowned Calcutta fish preperations. Calcutta's love for fish can only be compared to India's love for cricket. 

They say - Calcutta’s are literally born to eat fish and rice. 

The menu for this supper club is an eclectic choice of dishes from street food to Calcutta's heritage canteen recipes, to home made comfort food, to dishes inspired from the food offerings in Hindu temples. Calcutta is also called the sweetest part of India, hence the delicate choice of desserts will include use of date palm jaggery and saffron milk.



Our unlimited food and drinks Menus incude -





Papad Behlpuri

Spicy, sweet and sour puffed rice wrapped in poppadoms.

(This famous street food from Calcutta is light, fresh and gently spiced, usually eaten as an afternoon or early evening snack.)



Maacher Cutlet/ Koraishootir Cutlet

Cod Fish Cutlet/Green Peas Cutlet

This is a tribute to the city’s canteen culture that has been treasured for decades.




Luchi with Moshla Aloo Dumm

Puffed Bread with Spicy New Potatoes

Prabir’s late grandfather was the head priest at Kalighat, a fifteen-century temple in Calcutta. This preparation was one of his culinary speciality.



Shorshe Maach & Bashmoti Bhaat / Mustard Panner

Mustard Fish with Wild Basmati Rice

They say Bengalis are born to eat fish and rice. Being a Bengali myself, I second that. The city’s love for its fish and rice is synonymous to India’s love for cricket.



Kosha Mangsho & Gheer Porota / Kosha Kathal

Five hours slow cooked Goat with Parathas tossed in Clarified Butter

This is an iconic Calcutta preparation. The recipe for this dish comes from Prabir’s great grandmother, who was also an ardent cook.




Rosho Malai

Indian Cottage Cheese dipped in Saffron Milk and Dry Fruits

Calcutta is called the sweetest part of India. This classic delicacy is a gentle nod of gratitude and appreciation to Kolkata’s countless patisseries.



Gureer Sandesh

Baked Cheese with date Palm Jaggery

Authentic Calcutta desserts are always made with lots of love and sap from date fruit, which imparts a sweet earthy aroma and a melt in your mouth texture.




Beer, Cider, Prosecco

Rhubarb, Ginger and Lime Bellini

Green Mango Cooler

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