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5 Foot Way was set-up by Michelle Lee and Hi Ching, to champion East Asian street food and cuisine. Both of us come from SE Asia and are passionate about the culture and cuisine of the region which is rich with influences from East and West. Through 5 Foot Way we aim to develop opportunities for the best East Asian chefs and street food vendors to come together and  foster ties with local businesses and communities to create lively markets and food spaces promoting and showcasing the cultural diversity and richness of East Asia and promoting understanding of the region.

Michelle and Hi Ching have been friends and colleagues for nearly 20 years, having worked in the entertainment and events industries. They have collaborated on projects such as Chinese New Year celebrations at Canary Wharf, community cultural fairs on the Southbank, an organic teahouse in North London and various community arts projects working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

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by 5 Foot Way

Sample some of the best South East Asian Street food in London at this unique
pop-up market in the heart of Bankside, organised in conjunction with SEA Arts
Fest 2013 and Bangkok Kitchen. We have... Read more


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