My name is Madeleine Shaw,

I am nutritional health coach and healthy chef.

I believe that with every bit of food we eat, we are influencing how we will look, feel and think. Healthy eating should be a way of living, not just a monthly ‘fad’ or ‘phase.’ That way you will maintain results and reap the benefits all year round!

My intentions are to make brilliant, healthful food that tastes as amazing as it’s glorious nutritional value. I design scrumptious, original recipes that are easy to prepare without a professional chef on standby! 

Above all, I am all about natural, fresh wholefoods that truly nourish your body; I promise to inspire and make healthy foods that are incredibly nutritious but delicious.

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Italian food often can leave you pretty BLOATED.

I have taken over Boma Green Restaurant (again) in Parsons Green for my third
pop up Supper Club night! I will be designing the menu to show you that... Read more


Indian food, our national dish!

Normally eaten from greasy takeaway boxes! Not anymore....

I have taken over Boma Green Restaurant (again) in Parsons Green for my fourth... Read more




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Twitter: @madeleine_shaw_


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