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Welcome to M&M Supper Club.

We are a Nordic inspired supper club where we invite you to experience our authentic cuisine whilst making new likeminded friends.

At M&M Supper Club, the aim is to connect. The food with all its wafting mouthwatering aromas is just an excuse to lure you here so we can socialise. It is a healthy and productive way to get to know each other and what better way to connect than over yummy food?  In our apartment, which was home to the Greek team during the 2012 Olympics, you will be meeting Magdalena and Martina, our stories, travel tales, creativity and passions.  The food is inspired by our heritage; Magdalena is Polish and Martina is Norwegian and Italian, so you can imagine all the diverse foods we’ll be presenting you with. The setting of the supper is homely yet elegant (literally. It’s in our apartment) so the environment will be cozy and friendly, like sharing a meal with friends or family.

We’ll supper like friends; eating diverse foods, and sharing a good time together. If that’s your idea of a happy meal, then join us! We’re here over in the East Village in the Olympic Park, and would love to open our front door to you like we’ve been friends for ages! 

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by M&M Supper Club

Join us for a lazy Sunday brunch, Nordic style featuring a delicious
smorgasbord of tasty open-topped sandwiches and homemade cinnamon buns.
Vegetarians and pescetarians catered for - just let us... Read more

by M&M Supper Club

Join us for a lazy Sunday brunch, Nordic style featuring tempting savoury
Norwegian waffles topped with brunch classics. You'll love our waffles -
literally, they are heart shaped! Vegetarian and... Read more


Website: www.mnmsupper.co.uk

Email: hello@mnmsupper.co.uk

Facebook: Facebook page

Twitter: @mnm_supper


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Rating: 10

La Fontaine attended A Nordic POP-UP in September 2014, reviewed on 23 October 2014

I have been curious about Supper Clubs for a while now, so I decided to try something out of my comfort zone (conventional restaurants) and I have to say that the Nordic Feast was an absolutely wonderful experience.

The Salmon with their beetroot & vodka twist was fresh and succulent, the Reindeer was well cooked and very very tasty and the desert was to die for.

All ingredients were of the highest quality and the guests were all very pleasant, the conversation was easy and interesting and I felt very comfortable.

The Girls now what they doing in the kitchen.

Very much recommended.

It turns out that Rudolph is really rather tasty

Rating: 10

Bells0001 attended A Nordic POP-UP in September 2014, reviewed on 22 October 2014

This was my first foray into this kind of event but it wasn't a problem as it wasn't that different to a standard dinner party that we're all used to so I was in my comfort zone from the start. The main differences were that I didn't know anyone else beforehand, and that the food was quite honestly of a better standard then your normal home cook's. It was restaurant quality .

We had cured salmon to start and I am not a fan of smoked salmon so had some reservations - all unfounded. The main course was reindeer which I was keen to try and it was delicious and I would have again. As with the "worlds best" (I believe it's translated) - quite the decadent pud I don't allow myself to indulge in too often.

Overall my experience was that the atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed and flowed easily. The hosting was attentive but not overhosting - which incidentally is a bug bear of mine, and the other guests were all charming (but maybe I was lucky that evening!).

If you're umming and ahhing over it, I would say to be brave and have a go. I'm certainly very glad I did.