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Extract from Fungi to be with website:

10.00am: Introduction
About fungi to be with what it is, what it does, its aims and objectives.

What is Mycology? General information

Basic Biology: What is a mushroom? The Difference between the kingdoms, animals and plants. The different modes by which fungi obtain nutrients. Two major groups, the Basidiomycetes and the Ascomycetes explained and the certain differences between the two shown using powerpoint and Handouts. A microscope will be on hand during the workshop with various slides showing microscopic characteristics of both groups.

Practical Activity: Using the microscope the class can look at both Basidiomycete and Ascomycete spores, if they so wish.

Basic Identification Methods: Highlighting the difference between gilled and tubed fungi. The importance of habitat e.g. trees, plants, and soil type in identifying different species. We will then look at particular strategies that help in the identification of certain genera leading to species I.D. concentrating on the common edible and poisonous species.

Collection of fungi: Highlighting ways in which to collect fungi whether for personal consumption or for I.D. Notes that need to be taken when collecting for either personal consumption or I.D. purposes. Just how many common edible and poisonous species exist in the U.K.? Plus the top 12 edible and poisonous species. And which of these can be found on the heath.

Conservation: The code of conduct - Current legislation; The Red Data List, endangered species. Public collecting-limits-management techniques used e.g. dead wood standing and fallen left in situ, compost heaps, woodchip paths etc.

Lunch: Some people prefer to eat lunch before the 2 hour foray, this can be arranged on the day.

11.30am - 12 noon: Commencement of 2hr foray upon the heath. Here we can begin to apply some of the ID criteria covered during the morning session.

Practical Activity: Using prepared spore prints in conjunction with a selection of fresh material, the class, divided into groups will use a simple key to see whether they can match a mushroom to a spore print.

Practical Activity: depending on time, some of the mushrooms collected during the foray can be then laid out in their respective families, which will culminate in a small display.

Very much dependent on time, a short talk on uses of fungi, ethno mycology medicinal food and recipes, books and photos (these will be out for people to look at and use throughout the day).

By the end of the workshop hopefully people will have a clearer picture of fungi in the natural world and their influence in our lives and with this have the confidence to attempt exploration into the world of fungi.

16.30 Finish.

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