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About Us:
Based in West London, Kinuya, is a creative cooking studio specialising in Japanese home cooking and vegan Shojin temple cooking.  Focusing on seasonal and local fresh ingredients, cooking techniques and presentation techniques are taught with details and attention.

Private cooking classes for team-building, birthday party, hen night, and catering for events and home parties are also available.

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About the instructor:

Kinu Yukawa is a Japanese Cooking Instructor and Food Stylist.  She was raised in the cosmopolitan foodie city of Kobe, Japan.  Kinu fostered the basics of cooking at a young age from her grandmother who was an established chef and restauranteur.   She later trained in Japanese cuisine in Kyoto and Tokyo under washoku culinary masters. 

Kinu strongly believes in the traditional Japanese philosophy to enjoy food with the gokan (五感), the body's five senses, as well as taking food of the four season (春夏秋冬) to bring harmony to the body nourished by seasonal produce.  

Kinu was a regular recipe columnist for the Foodie Magazine in Hong Kong.  Now based in London, Kinu has been teaching Japanese cooking at Japan Centre since 2011, sharing her expertise, knowledge and passion of Japanese cooking to students of all walks of life and various level of cooking confidence.  


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