Argentinian Pizza Supper Club


I am a young argentinian chef, food entrepreneur and musician whose passion are arts & food.

I organice the Argentinian Pizza Supper Club in a small and cosy bar in Shoreditch.

Reviewed by Time Out London as one of the best London's eating pop up Restaurants, this supper club is basically a degustation of our argentinian original pizzas recipes, such as our clasical and unique Fugazzeta. 

Our added value is that I perform live music and we have art exhibitions in the cafe's walls as well.

This is absolutely HAND MADE with quality ingredients and with trully passion. You will enjoy for sure. Cheers!

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by Argentinian Pizza Supper Club

**Reviewed by TimeOut as one of the best eating Pop Ups in London, The Argentinian Pizza Supper Club is a #PopUp Eat & Meet that takes place on Saturdays evenings.**

Hello! I am Oli, an argentinian... Read more

by Argentinian Pizza Supper Club

## Welcome to the «Special Edition» of our Pop Up Event

I am Oli, the chef & founder of the **Argentinian Pizza SupperClub** and I... Read more




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Still not sure if it was not a joke

Rating: 2

Nata attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in October 2014, reviewed on 27 October 2014

We have to give credits to Oli.. the guy definitely has a strong business acumen and marketing talents. Mediocre food and lousy singing served with the flavor of “Made in Argentina” by a guy whose self-confidence tops all the other possible talents he has, and the audience is already enchanted.

Seems like we were the only ones (group of 7, including 1 person from Argentina (!!)) in the audience that night that were not enchanted. Quite the opposite, that whole experience left us wondering is this is not a joke.. The guy that claims to be a chef and a musician, actually does both on a very amateurish level. What was presented as an original Argentinian pizza appeared to be some version of the quick’n’cheap meal that you make when you forgot to do your groceries over the weekend. The appetizers were very small and hardly enough for the amount of people. The served wine was a cheap house wine from a supermarket next door. I guess we would’ve still bared with it all and tried to persuade ourselves that this whole experience is not that bad, had it not been for that guy’s performance. What was announced as LIFE MUSIC, appeared to be just 3 self-composed songs sung with guitar. Performed by a guy with almost no voice. The lyrics of the songs left us laughing. As most of us understood Spanish (the language of the songs) ,we could appreciate how shallow and banal the lyrics was.. It left some of us almost under the table from laugh and the others trying to not burst into laugh while the rest of the audience was breathlessly listening to the ”beautiful Spanish song” of macho argentino. Well . After all it was a funny experience. Unfortunately not on the account of nice food or music.. More on the account of the absurdity of the whole event and the fact that we had to pay for it.

Argentinian Pizza Supper Club responded on 25 November 2014:

The only thing I can say about this is: just read the other reviews or google our name, reviews, articles or also reviews in the other platforms we also sell tickets and you will see by yourself.

I am a hell good singer, check out my tunes here :)

Fantastic Food and Amazing Host

Rating: 10

Vansylv attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in September 2014, reviewed on 1 September 2014

I'm a big pizza lover and this take on Pizza was unique and delicious and one I wont forget. The host Oli was welcoming and... well... loving ( don't know how else to put it ). The music topped off an a memorable night. Cant recommend highly enough.

Excellent entertainment

Rating: 10

Iva and Martin attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in August 2014, reviewed on 31 August 2014

This was one of the most entertaining nights we've had in a long time. Food was great but what made the night so fun and so special was Oli's wonderful connection with us, his guests.


Rating: 9

thepoleangel attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in August 2014, reviewed on 11 August 2014

Fab food and amazing company with musical delights from the beautiful welcoming Oli.
Would definitely go again!

Carbtastic introduction to Supper Clubs

Rating: 7

pulledpork attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in June 2014, reviewed on 30 June 2014

For those who have never been to a supper club and are looking for something that is reasonably priced with a lovely atmosphere, then this is a good option.

The Fuggazeta was definitely the best dish of the night. On the whole, it was quite carb heavy but worth trying once for an enjoyable evening.

Oli was a fabulous host who meticulously plans the evening and is genuinely interested in ensuring his guests are well taken care of.

Excellent evening!

Rating: 10

HarshaShah attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in May 2014, reviewed on 25 May 2014

We had a great night. Oli is a fantastic host and really makes the evening thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. The food was delicious and plentiful and great value for money. We will be back!


Rating: 10

DelfinaD attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in April 2014, reviewed on 6 April 2014

Being from Argentina myself, I have to say the food was really delicious and authentic, a heartfelt taste of home. The atmosphere was also very nice and Chef Oli a great host. An overall great experience!


Rating: 10

KR attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in March 2014, reviewed on 2 April 2014

We had such a great night! Amazing food, great music! A really fun experience. I would thoroughly recommend!

Great food, great fun and good value for money

Rating: 9

GT attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in March 2014, reviewed on 17 March 2014

Went to pizza supper club on Saturday evening and had a brilliant time. Oli is an excellent host. The food was delicious, had a good fun time chatting to the other people on our table, and Oli entertained us all with his music during a much-needed pause between the main course and dessert. Excellent value for money and definitely one of the more unusual dining experiences in London that you should try at least once.

It is just great!

Rating: 10

MB attended Argentinian Pizza Supper Club + live music in March 2014, reviewed on 3 March 2014

I'm also an Argentine living in London for over 10 years now. My friends know how much I crave for our "Argentine style pizza" which I define as an improvement of the good Napolitan pizza. The matter is that you can only find it in our "pizzerias" around in Buenos Aires, but neither in Italy nor anywhere far!

A few weeks ago I read about this Supper Club option and contacted Oli directly to book and I must say that is has been a fabulous experience.

He prepares himself the pizza which is amazing. The fugazeta style is even better than in some pizzerias and the faina is super good. You must try it!

On top of that, he is a great host (super buena onda) creating a very friendly atmosphere that makes you fill at home and will, on top, delight everybody with his music and singing.

All together, a great experience to repeat.