About us

A mother and daughter team who share passion for great food and great hosting. We want to share this love with as many people as possible.


The Food

 Inspired by the classic favourites of The Americas and Caribbean, Kitchen54 takes the best bits and serves them to you. Real southern style BBQ, Creole Gumbos, Cornbread and our Grandma’s style doggie bags to take home.

We mean BIG flavours and BIG portions!!!

No one leaves hungry because we will feed you like family using the freshest seasonal ingredients supporting our local stores and markets.  

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by Kitchen54

Kitchen54 is celebrating Thanksgiving this year, with a soulful American kick.
That means BIG portions and BIG flavours. Our menu is filled with Thanksgiving
must haves such as soups, turkey, cola... Read more



Twitter: @kfiftyfour


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