Pistachio Rose


Pistachio Rose is a boutique bakery that specialises in the fusion of quintessential sweet Indian flavours with delicate cakes, crumbling biscuits and elegant pastries.

Each product contains some Indian heritage in either flavour or format, for example my own blend of chai spices which i infused into some of the cakes & chocolate tarts.

Everything has been very carefully balanced because i want to show that Indian sweets can be delicate at heart.

If you step back 200 years to a time when spices were so valuable they were actually traded as a currency, their worth was equal to gold. To taste something that contains those riches is a truly decadent experience and one to be savoured. This is carried through in the beautiful presentation of every product which include edible gold finishes.

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by Pistachio Rose

High Chai returns for a special Chocolate-themed Tea Banquet at the famous Southbank London Chocolate Festival.

This petite tea party will offer a selection of boutique cakes, pastries, desserts and... Read more


Website: pistachiorose.co.uk

Email: info@pistachiorose.co.uk

Twitter: @pistachio_rose


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