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Our History

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours began in 2005 at a time when most spam filters wouldn't let "Ecstasy" through. The founder, Jennifer Earle, wrote a list of things she loved which included chocolate, meeting people, talking, eating and London. From this, she brainstormed how she could start a business and - voila! - Chocolate Ecstasy Tours was born. 

It began as a part-time hobby and attracted other passionate chocoholics to join her guiding some of the tours as well. Now Jennifer spends the majority of her time guiding tours and tastings, judging chocolate and other food awards, tasting and consulting for various chocolate companies and travelling to attend conferences or visit plantations, boutiques and factories in the UK and beyond. In short, she is obsessed with chocolate.

The aim of the tours is primarily to have fun. We also want to show you a different side of British cities and help you learn about chocolate - mostly through tasting some of the most delicious sweet (and not so sweet!) things the UK has to offer.

Taking over the world with chocolate! (OK, just Britain for now.)
Not content with just chocolate and London, Jennifer and her awesome guides are on a mission to support and explore chocolate and other fine foods in the UK. At the end of 2016, she launched Taste Tripper which aims to connect people to high-quality food and drink retailers, first in London and then beyond.

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by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

**Location:** Mayfair/Soho

**Duration:** 3 hours

**Walking distance:** 1.3 miles (2 km)... Read more

by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

We've shaken up our Chelsea Chocolate Tour to make it a full Sweet Treats
Adventure. Sample a range of some of the best baked goods in London, alongside
incredible and award-winning chocolate... Read more

by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

**Location:** Covent Garden/Soho/Piccadilly

**Duration:** 3 hours

**Walking distance:** 1 mile (1.6 km)... Read more

by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

**Location:** Soho/Covent Garden

**Duration:** 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.)

**Walking distance:** 1 mile (less than 2 km)... Read more




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