Lemlem Kitchen


Lemlem Kitchen - Unconventional African Food made with Eritrean flavours.

The flavours of Lemlem Kitchen come from my home town Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, an African city built by Italian Modernists.  I grew up eating traditional Eritrean food at home and a unique African version of Italian food in the cafeterias and latterias of the city.  My aim is to surprise and delight the palates of our guests with my own take on this experience in both street food and supper club environments.

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by Lemlem Kitchen

**A modern take on traditional flavours from the Horn of Africa**

We are calling our event Cafeteria Asmarino as a love letter to the cafe's and... Read more


Website: www.lemlemkitchen.co.uk

Email: lemlemkitchen@outlook.com

Twitter: @lemlemkitchen


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