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Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge between the doorsteps of One Hyde Park and the Bvlgari hotel, visitors are warmly welcomed into the new London home of mythical Russian matriarch, Mari Vanna. With extraordinary attention to detail, Mari Vanna transports each guest into the Russian home of a bygone era where shelves are adorned with matryoshka dolls, trinkets and tchotchke while the atmosphere is filled with cozy delight.
Mari Vanna specialises in “babushka cooking” and the menu of Russian dishes also features influences from the former Soviet countries of Georgia and Ukraine amongst others.


‘Russian cooking may not be light, but when it’s this good, who cares?’ – John Lanchester, The Guardian

‘We have all experienced “minimalist” restaurants. Mari Vanna is the world’s first “maximalist” restaurant.’ – Tim Hayward, Financial Times

‘It's already my favourite restaurant in London’ - Giles Coren, The Times

Join us for our delicious set lunch, scrumptious afternoon tea, decadent dinner or one of our special days and taste true Russian Hospitality, Mari Vanna style.

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by Mari Vanna London

The first Russian Revels Anna Karenina Dinner in Mari Vanna sold out quicker than we could say Tolstoy and taking the growing waiting list in mind Mari Vanna has decided to take the Anna Karenina... Read more




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