Wine Unearthed

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Wine Unearthered hosts regular 1-day wine tasting workshops at Artisan and Vine in southwest London. It's a full day of tasting, learning and talking about wine, complete with a 3 course food and wine matching lunch. Customers will take home with them a World of Wine notebook and tasting notebook so that you'll keep what you learned straight after all those glasses!

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by Wine Unearthed

Extract from Wine Unearthed website:

Wine Unearthed host regular One Day Wine Tasting Workshops in London which make for fantastic days out learning about wine in a relaxed a fun environment -... Read more

by Wine Unearthed

Extract from Wines Unearthed website:

A great 'all rounder' 1 day course. You'll look at wine in a whole new well as sniffing and tasting it! While tasting at least 15 wines you'll learn... Read more

by Wine Unearthed

Extract from Wines Unearthed workshop:

Similar structure to the World of Wine however, this workshop will take you to all the main wine producing countries of the New World - Australia, New Zealand,... Read more




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