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Urban Woot loves food and the social connections that come with sharing plates, stories and interests. We launched our Supper Club with Little Jack Horner’s James Hughes Davies in March this year serving gourmet pie & mash with delicious traditional English puddings. Following on from the success of pie & mash served with a side of Urban Woot pub quiz, our next collaboration with Jesse Dunford Wood of Parlour proved to be ever more popular, 2 courses of fantastic fine dining sharing plates starting with egg soup! In October we brought you the first ever Bollywood Horror and Biryani night with the world famous Kadiri’s biryani complete with zombies serving the food and taking a nibble out of the diners… So it is with great pleasure we are hosting Friday the 13th Part Deux in December serving great food created by Jesse Dunford Wood and hosted by the Luck School’s Dr Matthew Smith and positive psychologist and change specialist, Majella Greene.

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by Urban Woot

Superstitious? Feeling Lucky or Unlucky in life, love, work?

Join us for our Friday the 13th Part II this December (Friday the 13th)- The
Launch of Luck School. Urban Woot and Dr Matthew Smith the... Read more


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