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Van's Taste Teleport is an amateur Supper Club based in East London, Rotherhithe area and is hosted by a foodie enthusiast, and a keen cook!

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries in the world, and had the unique opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in each country working, getting to know the cultures and of course THE FOOD!

This supper club aims not only to showcase the food from around many countries in Europe, but also from the Antipidean countries as well.

Another key objective is to bring back the social vibe of food, and bring people together from all around London who just fancy meeting new people, sharing some great food, clinking a few glasses and getting inspired again by what other people are doing in their lives, which you otherwise may not have come across in your every day life!

This Supper Club is a small 7-8 people gathering which is laid back, serious about quality food, and serious on fun!

The aim is to run a Supper Club twice per month on Saturdays, and I will keep you up to date on the upcoming menu's and events!

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by Van's Taste Teleport

In this first instalment at Van's Taste Teleport, guests will be treated to an
evening celebrating the tastes of South Africa - my native country.

The menu will comprise of 3 dishes typical of the... Read more




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