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Singapore-born Pei Wang was trained in accountancy and IT, but pursued his passion in tea, studying under tea masters across Asia. He also trained at the pastry course at Cordon Bleu in London. Now he shares his passion and expertise through regular tasting sessions and tea masterclasses. He also pursues an ongoing endeavour to infuse teas into traditional European pastries.

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The Tea Appreciation Masterclass includes up to 8-9 different types of tea within the core six categories and delicious tea p√Ętisserie.... Read more

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Also known as 'oolong' or 'blue', these teas are famous for their incredible range of natural flavours and aromas, with fascinating, evocative names like Honey Orchid... Read more

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Tea is a superb, healthy ingredient that can be used with all sorts of dishes. Using plain, fresh ingredients, we'll show you how to prepare incredibly tasty meals,... Read more


Website: www.teanamu.com

Email: pei@teanamu.com

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Twitter: @teanamu


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