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Lazy Flavors specializes in providing authentic, high-quality, educational and hands-on oenogastronomic experiences to travelers visiting Portugal.

Our catalog contains a broad collection of food and wine experiences, unparalleled in Portugal, that have been designed by foodies and wine lovers with their travelling counterparts in mind. 

At Lazy Flavors we are all in favor of customization in order to create the most memorable experiences for our visitors, therefore all the experiences proposed in our website should be seen as references and can be customized and personalized according to our visitors’ flavors. If you like the general feel of our catalog of experiences, but would like something different, please don’t refrain from asking us to create a tailor-made program for you.

Our goal and mission is to deliver authentic, innovative, high-quality, educational and hands-on experiences that create long-lasting memories and inspire visitors to Portugal toward a path of self discovery. We feel the best way for travelers to immerse themselves in Portuguese culture is through our food and wine and through lazy and laid-back afternoons in conversation around a table (something truly representative of the Portuguese soul), with our rich gastronomy, traditional or irreverent wines, and our most promising or established chefs.


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