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The Sharing Supper Club is run by Ben & Jen, a friendly couple who enjoy food and hosting in equal measures. As we both have roots from Africa we will always look to introduce you to flavours and spices within our fusion cooking.

Our philosophy is simple: We want our guests to get stuck in and share our generous serving plates of food. With a choice of up to three dishes for each course, everyone gets the chance to see why "we love serving spoons".

Why try one dish when you can dig into three? We cater for any dietary requirements and offer canapes and cocktails before a lovely three course meal. It's BYO and we don't charge any corkage. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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by The Sharing Supperclub

The dinner will be Tuscan themed, with traditional recipes that some large Italian Mumma* used to make.

The venue is in East London on the central line. Its called The Sharing Supper Club because... Read more

by The Sharing Supperclub

An African Fusion menu for those who want to try some new flavours but made for the western palate. There will be a veggie and fish option for those who don't eat meat. The venue is in East London on... Read more

by The Sharing Supperclub

The Sharing Supper Club's take on Christmas dinner Read more

by The Sharing Supperclub

A British menu to help celebrate British Food Fortnight, sharing our British cuisine.

There will be a veggie and fish option for those who don't eat meat and a gluten free option for all of you... Read more

by The Sharing Supperclub

A year ago we started our supper club we'd like to celebrate our success with you enjoying a lovely dinner with new and old friends.

The menu to be revealed on the night with Chef Ben choosing some... Read more


by The Sharing Supperclub

For those of you who have never been to the lovely islands of the Seychelles, now is an opportunity to taste some of the lovely mix of cuisines available there.

My maternal side of the family have... Read more



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I'm in awe!

Rating: 10

Roger attended A taste of Seychelles with The Sharing Supper Club in October 2012, reviewed on 18 October 2012


Thanks so much for such an amazing feast - I don't know how you managed it all so seemingly effortlessly, I'm in awe!

Seychellois Sharing Supper club

Rating: 10

Moward attended A taste of Seychelles with The Sharing Supper Club in October 2012, reviewed on 15 October 2012


The food was very good and the people who attended were very socailable. Ben the chef did a splendid job and his parter attended to the table.

They kept it to the seychelles taste and as a second generation from the island enjoyed every moment of it.

Amazing Night, good food, good company. What more could you ask for

Rating: 10

Bukky attended Tuscan dinner at The Sharing Supperclub in April 2012, reviewed on 18 September 2012

I was looking to do something different for my birthday this year. I've heard of supper clubs and I thought it would be a nice experiences. I was a bit sceptical about going to a strangers house for dinner. After a few Google searches I stumbled across the 'Sharing Supper Club' .

I emailed Jen and she talk me through supper clubs, she put my mind at rest over any doubts I had. She emailed me the Tuscan menu and I was immediately sold, I knew that this is where I wanted to celebrate my birthday. My mouth was watering all week and couldn't wait!

My friends and I didn't know what to expect, on arrival at Ben and Jens Flat the presentation was beautiful, lighted candles everywhere. Their flat was big enough to accommodate all their guest without feeling cramped, there was ample space . The dinner table was sent out beautifully and meeting new people is always very exciting. The atmosphere was warm and I knew it was going to be a good night

The canapés were delicious and a good variety , they just kept coming and coming. The Aubergine croquettes were to die for. I had to stop myself from eating it all, as I needed to save space for the main course and the dessert.
I'm not a fan of risotto but Bens Butternut squash risotto was absolutely yummy and I devoured everything on my plate. The main course was also were delicious. The best thing about the night was you get to try everything on the menu! The food was fresh and the flavours were just right. As we brought our own wine, everyone just shared that too, so our glasses were never empty.

To top of an amazing night Ben and Jen surprised me with a birthday cake. This was extremely kind of them and I wasn't expecting it.

The entertainment was great, after dinner everyone was relaxed and listening to old and new school R'B whist sipping on Homemade Limoncello.

It was the best birthday EVER, and I will be a regular quest at Ben and Jens house.

Thank you

African Fusion at The Sharing Supperclub

Rating: 10

Ros attended African Fusion at The Sharing Supperclub in May 2012, reviewed on 4 July 2012

The meal was very delicious there was a variety of dishes to suit everyone. Those who wanted to taste everything could do so. I tasted a bit of everything and am still unable to say what I like best because each dish was a feast. The sauces were thick aromatic and so tasty, the meat in the stew was so tender. The rice cooked a l'African was so moreish. The exotic vegetables were a pleasure to the palate and a lot of thought and care went into the presentation of each dish. Those with a sweet tooth and a gluten free diet were delighted with the gooey rich chocolate dessert. Highly recommended for those with a very empty stomach because there is a lot to eat and savour.

Great experience, great food, lovely faces

Rating: 9

tandrews attended First Supper at The Sharing Supperclub in November 2011, reviewed on 29 May 2012

The Sharing Supperclub was my first foray into this mysterious trend gripping London - and it left a delicious taste. Jennie and Ben's venue is stylish and cosy, you feel welcome and special as soon as you step in the door and their attention to the styling of the entertainment room/s meant that they struck that enjoyable balance between being at a stranger's house (new, interesting, quite personal) while still recognising that you're at essentially in a 'restaurant venue' - there to savour the food, service and company.

The food was delicious and the 'sharing' concept went down a storm, with one person's groan of salivation kicking off a rush of hands to the serving spoon of whichever dish was responsible. After the canapes, a selection of original salads to start whet our appetite (with some people overeating at this early stage - you know who you are!) and then a selection of adventurous main meals. Dessert was unbearably unmissable (as jean buttons started loosening) and all in all the bustling group of about 14 people rolled their way out near midnight, suitably stuffed, sauced and sleepy.

African Fusion - Welcome to Africa!

Rating: 8

Daphnee Brierley attended Tuscan dinner at The Sharing Supperclub in May 2012, reviewed on 22 May 2012

This was a marriage of Africa and the West, the Sharing Supper Club’s menu featured dishes inspired from African cuisine fusing with Western cuisine. This is a solution to the too-much-good-food lovers. All the food is made entirely from scratch. The menu offered a range of dishes. Expect to taste an array of herbs and spices; staples such as Akara with Tomato, Red Onion and Basil and Jollof Rice Balls, Nigerian Mixed Meat Stew and Sweet potato, Roast Duck, Beetroot, Raddish and Cress Salad and much more. Desserts to die for.
The Sharing Club is a must for quality food and the African Fusion evening was a must-try for all good-food lovers.

Tuscanian Surprise!!

Rating: 9

Harii attended Tuscan dinner at The Sharing Supperclub in April 2012, reviewed on 30 April 2012

Beautiful meal, served in a lovely atmosphere with great company! What more can I say. :)
Absolutely Fabulous!

Something good worth sharing...

Rating: 9

Mearsie attended African Fusion at The Sharing Supperclub in February 2012, reviewed on 4 April 2012

The Sharing Supper Club was my first experience of a supper club and didn’t disappoint.

If like me before I lost my SC virginity, you like the idea of them but need some gentle persuasion, I suggest you head straight to E18 and let Ben and Jen ease you in nicely.

It’s a very casual affair and they couldn’t be more welcoming (just search for the sharing supper club on Facebook to see their smiley faces). Despite venturing bravely on my own I was soon made to feel at ease, probably helped by the glass of bubbles placed in my hand and the tray of canapés under my nose. I particularly liked the crabmeat, ginger and coriander on radicchio. Eleven introductions later (I was almost last to arrive) and any reservations I might have had are forgotten.

Their KSP? Sharing plates of yummy African inspired fusion food, or at least that’s what was on the menu when I visited Ben’s South Woodford flat – that and plenty of good conversation and mingling on the side.

Fourteen of us sat down banqueting style to 3 courses of delicious grub. Starters included two salads; one of roast duck, orange and beetroot, the other mixed herb and sweet couscous. Mains were a Nigerian mixed meat stew and pan-fried Suya chicken thighs with jollof rice. Everything was cooked beautifully and extremely tasty. Also being served up were helpful tips from chef Ben on how to perfectly prepare plantain (one of our 4 side dishes) after one of the guests divulged how she’d ruined hers the one time she experimented.

I had to stop myself from a third portion of stew knowing poached pears in a honey syrup and African chocolate cake with raspberry coulis were still to come. I went for both, as did almost everyone at the long table. The chocolate cake was properly delicious.

---Top tip---

Arrive hungry because Ben and Jen do not skimp on portions, which when everyone is sharing big platters of food is a testament to their generosity.

All in all I had a fantastic evening and left pleased that I’d taken the plunge.

I imagine my first will not be my last.