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Molly Bakes is a small boutique bakery based in London Fields, Hackney. Established just over two years ago, "Molly" is best known for her cake pops and cupcakes. In her classes she gives you the opportunity to learn her techniques and secrets that have won her a huge client list full of celebrity names and brands

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by Molly Bakes

Animals are one of the most requested types of cake pops. Learn how to make dogs, cats, pigs, cows, giraffes, ladybirds and more in this fun-filled class.

Molly Bakes, author of her very own Cake... Read more

by Molly Bakes

Planning a party? This is for you! What is a party without cake pops? Learn how to make great Party Pops in this 4 hour class.

Ice creams, donuts, lollies, cake slices, tiered cakes - yes these are... Read more

by Molly Bakes

Learn to decorate beautiful cupcakes in the space of 3 hours. We'll teach you everything the books don't tell you. How to make perfect fondant decorations, make perfect buttercream and finally how to... Read more

by Molly Bakes

With Valentines around the corner, it's time to get in the mood for romance and what better way to do it than learning to make Valentines Pops?

This 4 hour class includes our popular Valentines... Read more

by Molly Bakes

A short and sweet (literally) evening class that covers all the basic knowledge you need to get started with the wonders that are cake pops.

Molly Bakes, author of her very own Cake Pops book will... Read more




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